Scramble All Grasshoppers!


too awesome love animation the possibilities are endless! thinking of doing something animated/cartoon like fantasty and humorous with my dog or another (if milly isnt better by then) for my university brief ‘narrative’.





Managed to get this image of me and a friend last night at his birthday bash! He’s 21 but the photo on the balloons was from school when he was 10! Such a change still a cheeky smile always adorns his face and overall a good evening!

The Other


Please follow that link for my other blog, which is currently getting a lot of attention from me, slightly more than this blog for the minute as it is more designed specifically towards the Narrative Project which is towards the Photography Degree i am currently studying, your follows and comments are most appreciated!

look forward to hearing from you, hope all is well in your world x

William Wegman




I am still not giving up on Milly, i hope she will pull through and be ok to finish being part of my Narrative project, but whilst she is out of action and i am incredibly worried about her, (worked in a vets, my grandfathers a vet and spinal injuries are very 50/50, rarely full recovery outcomes) but keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for her and lots of cuddles when she comes home from the vets!

In the mean time i have been trying to keep positive and look at some more dog photography artists for inspiration, i found William Wegman, above. Beautiful images mostly of his dogs whom are all Weimaraner, beautiful dogs always loved their muted silver coat and bright blue eyes  they make very good doggy models for William to photograph! i included the image in the middle as its really quite different from the photographs but it does show his versitility in what you can do with photographs of dogs! I really like it, may try it myself…. drawing over images that perhaps i already have of milly?

 I have deadlines really soon and i am not sure about my subject so i am guessing it is time to perhaps go back to the drawing board as it were, even though it was the bond between me and my dog i was capturing (don’t really want to focus on anyone else’s dog feels like  iam replacing milly…. i don’t want to photograph and share images of my dog in pain), its really hard to keep my motivation and on track when a friend is really ill. But got to find different subjects in the meanwhile, university wount wait for my dog to get better!

Heres a link to william wegman, enjoy!




Boyfriend bought a bumblebee goby today! They survive happily in Freshwater tanks if bred domestically but are in the wild brackish water fish (need salt and freshwater mix tank setup to survive) this is due to the seas and rivers meeting its here you find these guys and a whole dimension of new fish, the picture shows how big he is compared to my thumb! And they don’t get much bigger than this perfect for smaller tanks 🙂 such a character to watch just fed them some bloodworm fish are much more entertaining when live food is given, where hoping this guy grows up and gets some stronger colour we love him a lot, we think he’s keeping the baby platy company!

Nom nom nom



Making sushi tonight! So good so healthy, you can use any ingredients for the middle we only had fish fingers carrots and peppers! Still tasted awesome! Please give it a try if your feeling worth a challenge!