The Puffs


Huf and Geeta Soon too add a third one when these guys grow up a little bit (hoping to breed) They are such cute little guys!


DSC_0534 copy

They are pretty small reaching 4cm in length about an inch roughly, they are freshwater tropical from the rivers of indonesia, idea and Singapore, there are also two types of dwarf puffer fish from these waters, they look similar but are different with their personalities, one is more aggressive than the other and is slightly bigger preferring a solitary existence.


These are pics of them when they where youngsters!

We have the friendly kind smaller lighter in colour and can live in a community aquarium with other fish and other dwarf puffers too, however fish that aren’t too big they are about the size of a squished-ish pea!


Huf and Geeta Together

More pics of them too come soon in their bigger tank with their other tank mates!


2 thoughts on “The Puffs

    • Thank you! 🙂 took lots of fiddling haha and they are fascinating little guys we got them from maidenhead aquatics as they had been bred by one of the guys there the captive bred ones last better as they are pretty intelligent were hoping to breed ourselves keep tuned for more from these guys 🙂

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