Busy bee



Just thought I’d post a quick pic of how i am spending my Monday! Cutting images to size with the mount board cutter, i do rather enjoy it all the foam bits at the end of cutting i usually take home and use for other things also love using the especially when they replace old blades with new ones! Pretty happy with how my works turned out, i think seven a3 images is enough to present at my final review this Friday! I certainly wont be short on things to talk about! Ill be uploading all my final pieces after the review onto my other blog morvenelizebethkynoch.wordpress.com or maybe before then if you’re lucky 😉 keep tuned in too see whats on those a3s!


Things are picking up!


My second client less than a month! things are certainly picking up for me professionally, photographically i feel meeting lots of new people and animals. I really prefer shooting on site, travelling to where the client is as the animal is more at peace and therefore achieve beautiful shots below, i am super pleased how they turned out and so thank full the rain held off!


So finally i have enough spare time to tear myself away from my busy schedule, i have a university deadline soon and two deadlines that have already just passed within the past two weeks! during which time i managed to travel to Virginia water on behalf of another freelance photography opportunity, for someone wanting professional images of their dog Joey for their dads birthday!

I had a great day and i think Joey did too, lots of treats and attention! This shoot has really helped me get out into the field of shooting on site, i really enjoyed it and got some mouthwatering shots of beautiful Weimaraner x Bullmastiff  Joey

joey portrait waterside 1     b&w waterfall portait 3

joey portrait 3 waterside       joey portrait 2 waterside

joey waterside 3

Thanks for a great shoot and day Joey and Lucie! i hope your dad enjoys the images, and has a lovely birthday! X

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Sunset rain



Really strange weather here tonight, sunset, hail and rain! Just had to capture the bizarre sky scene that came out of that, what’s the weather like where you are?

yikes look at the likes!


Just wanted to say big thank you for the 50th follow i received 12hours ago! Yey! never expected this blog to be gaining such follows so quickly!, glad you are enjoying what i am posting, thanks followers! keep tuned for more from me, i have quite a few things lined up in the summer, and if you get bored of my ramblings here i have another blog,

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Please check it out for more of my photography!


Capturing moments


_DSC0090 _DSC0094 _DSC0099


I was modelling yesterday for a friend who is currently studying the same course at the same university as me. Laura is from Barcelona, spain and it was a great to show her where i live and what surrounds me, we had a great day of shooting and some lunch, coffee and good laughs, we also just managed to capture the sunset trough the woods and horse fields at the back of my house!

Good day, good photography, happy me!




Thought I would share a picture of what progression the tank has made whilst Iam sitting staring at it eating my pizza. looking the best i think in a long while, we fixed a few things ourselves and made some adjustments to the tank, plants and fish are much happier! We bought an aqua grow, glow beam from maidenhead aquatics led lights that replicate natural sunlight as if you think about it tanks aren’t supposed to be placed in the sun so therefore your fish, or whatever you have in order to thrive with little attention need good lighting!