You know its that time of year again,



Happy fathers Day ❤


Meeting Simba


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After meeting Tessa we decided to take a brief walk to the shops with her on the lead. It was a blistering hot day (of which we had, had a great time at the beach) but needed refreshing in form of a nice cold ice cream! on the way (i am glad i took my camera) we met to my friends surprise their cat samba sitting on top of a garage roof sunning himself and looking down on us most sternly.

I know he is not a dog, and i know i have stated that this is a dog blog, but honestly i couldn’t resist sharing that face with you (perhaps its time for a change in content of the blog?) We said our hello’s and goodbyes in a manner of squeaking and chirpy noises we humans make at cats for their attention (majority of the time it works, who’d of…

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With the dissertation research looming and my summer now coming to the middle stage I’ve been taking well deserved breaks and visiting many places that fish are inhabiting, my favourite recently was at Bournemouth beach aquarium sea life centre it was a great day out with a great friend, really starting to like marine a lot more i would love to work with marine conservation.

I tan like toast



Frensham lake in the sunshine and best heat of a British summers day, where it is finally okay to be outside in nothing but your swimwear (means even more to anyone who lives in a country where weather patterns control how much fun you have a year outside in your swimgear) Ha still glad i am out in this not in an office admiration to those that are on one of those sweltering days!

Tank update




Unfortunately the dwarf puffer fish we had all turned out to be males that hadn’t fully matured in their colours which resulted in a sudden pubescent eruption of whose boss, which turned nasty very quickly, plus reaching havoc on all the other tank mates that they had peacefully swum with before. Above is an image of two of the puffs, the one on the left is (if you can believe it, so tiny!) puffing up, or sizing up to the other puffer fish.

Needless to say we had to take the puffs back to Maidenhead and instead have been working on a few new additions! that’s the beauty of fish keeping you never know whats going to happen! even if your 100% sure read loads of books and asked loads of people, things still go wrong. However the picture below shows the absolute gems we picked up as a result,


(displaying male rainbow)

Because we have a good relationship with the members of staff at the Maidenhead aquatics; logo below, Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 14.29.15


they where happy to take the puffers back as they were bought at a young age so no way of really knowing, and traded us the beautiful orange and electric blue rainbow fish smaller cousin to the larger rainbow fish and the rice fish which is blue bodied with red fins, they are fantastic little characters reaching approx 5 to 7 cm in length perfect for nano aquariums or aquascapes, they don’t eat plant matter either so perfect for a fully planted tank!_DSC0549

The Goby was pretty relieved to have the puffs gone and now spends a lot more time out the front of the tank sitting on rocks in the current as she matures her top fin with turn yellow (you can see it turning slightly in the image) as she matures but will stay the size of a Lego figure! The other Goby turned out to be male and is now in my tank happy and safe as they weren’t quite a match just like the puff but i couldn’t bare to let such a gem of a fish return to the shop he now chills with my red whiptail catfish. _DSC0568

My boyfriend also bought some cherry shrimp! for the even smaller tank we have, these guys are like tiny chilies! if you love staring at things, then these are the dudes to get you in the zone plus they keep your plants so clean, i can understand why they are quickly becoming a huge part of fish keeping (just make sure you get the water quality out they are not as hardy as armano shrimp the common clear coloured ones you may have seen at the store)

i will upload more of what the tank looks like currently, we are however having a dispute as bout possibly going marine, saltwater, we love a challenge and growing corals really excites us, plus my boyfriend is obsessed with gobies, crustaceans and finding the smallest fish he can own.

Stay tuned to see what happens i will keep you informed and upload a present image of the tank, ideas would be welcome, we are still feeling the burn from not being able to keep the puffs 😦

long awaited YEY!


Been truly a busy bee as summer starts and i officially have my email of conformation on my progression into my third and final year of my photography degree! (scary stuff) HALLELUJAH! plus side is i do not have to re-sit or retake any of my units, passed them all three B’s two C’s.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 19.22.48I am highly competitive and always like to do better, but since this degree is so damn hard and way more analytical than i have ever experienced in my 16 years of non stop full time education here on this tiny multicultural island, i am settling to just god damn passing this thing; passing and getting on with earning some money and my self pride back (society really doesn’t like students who are trying to better themselves rather than checkout girl isle three for the rest of my life) and getting myself out of my parents abode sharpish before i literally see them mentally age and breakdown, to the point my mother is asking me the same thing 20 times in the space of 10 minutes (i think this is a part of growing old? or do they want me to mentally breakdown with them?)

Anywho yeeyyyyyyyyyyy! I passsssedddddddd i have also quite a lot to load up in terms of images and what i have been doing and also more furry friends i have been spending time with and meeting along the way, keep tuned on both my pages as i update this, this eve, editing images as i type!