Long time no post!, BUT WAIT!


Hello everyone! sorry its been so long since i haven’t posted anything on here, thank you to those who are still following i shall endeavour and always will to post up as much as i can whenever i can, recently its been very busy with university, i have PASSED! MY BA HONS PHOTOGRAPHY DEGREE!! YEY!

one cannot describe how happy i am to not have to go back and revisit all that work again! now i can move forward with my skills and put them to better use than just satisfying my teachers!

And to make me ever happier, they have decided on the Free Range Website to use Milly’s Clockdog orange image as one of the images to represent the show in London. Below is a screen shot.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 17.55.45

As you can imagine i was really surprised that that image was chosen! but of course really grateful little milly is famous! yey imy first proper publication!

If you want to see more then please follow this link,


For information on my Graduation show that i am currently running around like a headless chicken trying to organise and set up with 60 other students from my photography course, accompanied by plenty of other university graduates, all showing their freshly creative work! If you love art this is not an event to miss!

So please come along to London  and visit the Emergence UCA Farnham’s graduate Photography show at The Old Truman Brewery!!

Guaranteed to be nothing you have seen before!

Good to blog again, hope you are all well

Morv x


Dave <3


daveHeres another better picture of dave, standings day gecko and a care sheet of what he needs, he’s a fantastic day gecko and was a really great rescue, he’s settling in really well with a very healthy appetite and had his first shed with us which went really smoothly!


Interestingly however standings day geckos are more colourful when they are babies males and females, i thought this would be the other way around heres how the pattern changed throughout their lives and as they mature,


Baby Standings


Adolecent standings


Adult standings

Summer days drifting away….


So summer is officially over here in england its september now but still hot apparently where due an indian summer, which is where its hotter quite a lot in septemeber! lucky us i hope!

this summer a lot of things have been happening, i have been a busy bookworm studying away so sorry there have been no posts and its been rather quite, i promise you though i will be updating things as i go along now that i am back at uni, in fact i have a presentation next thursday for Dissertation! rather nerve-racking but hopefully it will go pay just got to prepare!

With uni up and running of course i have picked up my camera (took a break from it as third year is going to be hectic) again and starting shooting, much to my delight some of my skills i have noticed like my manual focus has got better!

Heres a little something for you to feast your eyes upon, our new additions this summer ❤

Larger update on these guys, in the future now dedicating myself to dissertation presentation, lots of reading to catch up on!

Hope you had a great summer too 🙂 or are about to have one! but like myself i am getting the jumpers to and stocking up on hot chocolate.

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Meeting Simba


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After meeting Tessa we decided to take a brief walk to the shops with her on the lead. It was a blistering hot day (of which we had, had a great time at the beach) but needed refreshing in form of a nice cold ice cream! on the way (i am glad i took my camera) we met to my friends surprise their cat samba sitting on top of a garage roof sunning himself and looking down on us most sternly.

I know he is not a dog, and i know i have stated that this is a dog blog, but honestly i couldn’t resist sharing that face with you (perhaps its time for a change in content of the blog?) We said our hello’s and goodbyes in a manner of squeaking and chirpy noises we humans make at cats for their attention (majority of the time it works, who’d of…

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With the dissertation research looming and my summer now coming to the middle stage I’ve been taking well deserved breaks and visiting many places that fish are inhabiting, my favourite recently was at Bournemouth beach aquarium sea life centre it was a great day out with a great friend, really starting to like marine a lot more i would love to work with marine conservation.

I tan like toast



Frensham lake in the sunshine and best heat of a British summers day, where it is finally okay to be outside in nothing but your swimwear (means even more to anyone who lives in a country where weather patterns control how much fun you have a year outside in your swimgear) Ha still glad i am out in this not in an office admiration to those that are on one of those sweltering days!