Dave <3


daveHeres another better picture of dave, standings day gecko and a care sheet of what he needs, he’s a fantastic day gecko and was a really great rescue, he’s settling in really well with a very healthy appetite and had his first shed with us which went really smoothly!


Interestingly however standings day geckos are more colourful when they are babies males and females, i thought this would be the other way around heres how the pattern changed throughout their lives and as they mature,


Baby Standings


Adolecent standings


Adult standings


Chris Bradbury


Using a remote controlled flying device Chris Bradbury was able to capture these images incorporating a tripod fixed camera with a long exposure,

What I spent an unknown hour reading, i had too find out how and why Chris did this. I get incredibly curious.

I discovered this artist whilst walking past the huge gallery looking space at the main entrance of my university, which each year is used by many professional and amateur artists ether from the uni or from the professional industry. This is what I saw at a fast paced glance never having the time to give to stare and appreciate it…finally i did and i was really glad, too cool for words…


And a little something else i found amusing!