Say Gecko!


Starting off with two really awesome shots that show you guys just how intricate these geckos really are, they are incredibly visually rewarding! great to handle and overall cheap to own and they live for a long time, they don’t need a lot of space and bring me and my friend ours of fun especially when they take down crickets! I shall hopefully have some images to show you of fired up and fired down crested geckos, this means that they change colour dependant on temperature, mood, feeding, whatever, its not certain yet, but it is awesome, and i will have some really good photos currently our geckos are just entering shed so stayed tuned to see what they really can look like, its like a mini chameleon too! DSC_0147

Below is an image of our third lizard to own after the two cresties above, Dave (the name stuck from the person we rescued him from it suits him perfectly) he is a standings day gecko, can’t think of the latin name and need to be quick with this post, got a lot of dissertation notes to organise! BUT he is beautiful a lovely bright green on the head and a bright blue on the tale, he has had some shedding problems we think in the past, but has recently just gone through two sheds really rather smoothly and is putting on weight and muscle! yey dave! we are currently also looking for a girlfriend for him, as these guys are currently on the Vulnerable list! Dave is a Day gecko therefore he comes out in the day time rather than our other geckos who only come out at night, so we have the best of both worlds round the clock, it works really nicely.
DSC_0105DSC_0129  Full body image of Dynamite (red stick colour and she has a fiery spring in her body, explosions of curiosity get the better for her, the name was perfect and thought up from the black dynamite cartoon that me and my friends watched one evening)


Full body image of Flash, such a beautiful flash of yellow hence the name, she’s a lot calmer than dynamite a couple of weeks late on hatching compared to her sister dynamite and the rest of the clutch, the runt basically, but it was love at first site for me!DSC_0149

These Cresties don’t have any eyelids in fact most if not all gecko species do not have eyelids! instead small spiny eyelash looking protrusions of hard skin and tissue form out of the tops of their eyes like eyelashes that sink inwards reflecting light from their eye in the day time, as they are nocturnal super super bright lights or bright flashes can really effect their eyesight! (i made this image lighter so you could see the ‘eyelash’ sinking of the eye, basically my gecko having a good old 40 winks….kinda!)

Stay tuned for more from me and these guys, we just rescued another gecko from the site Preloved, so many animals un wanted and needing to go to a good home! i am so pleased my boyfriend loves these lil dino’s as much as i do, currently filling out his room and discussing about breeding and selling reptiles and then getting a shop in Copenhagen (we love the city, 1000 free bikes every year just on the road, yes please thank you please)






With the dissertation research looming and my summer now coming to the middle stage I’ve been taking well deserved breaks and visiting many places that fish are inhabiting, my favourite recently was at Bournemouth beach aquarium sea life centre it was a great day out with a great friend, really starting to like marine a lot more i would love to work with marine conservation.

Capturing moments


_DSC0090 _DSC0094 _DSC0099


I was modelling yesterday for a friend who is currently studying the same course at the same university as me. Laura is from Barcelona, spain and it was a great to show her where i live and what surrounds me, we had a great day of shooting and some lunch, coffee and good laughs, we also just managed to capture the sunset trough the woods and horse fields at the back of my house!

Good day, good photography, happy me!



Went to millers ark to check out photographic locations as its where I have managed to obtain some volunteer photography work experience! Yey! I used to work as a farm hand for them years ago and loved it! I am revisiting this time with my camera to take some updates photos of the farm and its animals for free for liz who owns the farm and the animals! Below is a picture if my favourite tenants, the goat pen!


Of course u did not hesitate to jump right in with them and was immediately greeted by a very small Pygmy goat


Who proceeded to lick my hand and stare at me hopefully, almost like a begging dog! With only its hooves touching my knees (so small) no bigger than a spaniel. Stay tuned for more of millers ark farm in the mean time.


If you have the time please check out their site 🙂




Managed to get this image of me and a friend last night at his birthday bash! He’s 21 but the photo on the balloons was from school when he was 10! Such a change still a cheeky smile always adorns his face and overall a good evening!