Say Gecko!


Starting off with two really awesome shots that show you guys just how intricate these geckos really are, they are incredibly visually rewarding! great to handle and overall cheap to own and they live for a long time, they don’t need a lot of space and bring me and my friend ours of fun especially when they take down crickets! I shall hopefully have some images to show you of fired up and fired down crested geckos, this means that they change colour dependant on temperature, mood, feeding, whatever, its not certain yet, but it is awesome, and i will have some really good photos currently our geckos are just entering shed so stayed tuned to see what they really can look like, its like a mini chameleon too! DSC_0147

Below is an image of our third lizard to own after the two cresties above, Dave (the name stuck from the person we rescued him from it suits him perfectly) he is a standings day gecko, can’t think of the latin name and need to be quick with this post, got a lot of dissertation notes to organise! BUT he is beautiful a lovely bright green on the head and a bright blue on the tale, he has had some shedding problems we think in the past, but has recently just gone through two sheds really rather smoothly and is putting on weight and muscle! yey dave! we are currently also looking for a girlfriend for him, as these guys are currently on the Vulnerable list! Dave is a Day gecko therefore he comes out in the day time rather than our other geckos who only come out at night, so we have the best of both worlds round the clock, it works really nicely.
DSC_0105DSC_0129  Full body image of Dynamite (red stick colour and she has a fiery spring in her body, explosions of curiosity get the better for her, the name was perfect and thought up from the black dynamite cartoon that me and my friends watched one evening)


Full body image of Flash, such a beautiful flash of yellow hence the name, she’s a lot calmer than dynamite a couple of weeks late on hatching compared to her sister dynamite and the rest of the clutch, the runt basically, but it was love at first site for me!DSC_0149

These Cresties don’t have any eyelids in fact most if not all gecko species do not have eyelids! instead small spiny eyelash looking protrusions of hard skin and tissue form out of the tops of their eyes like eyelashes that sink inwards reflecting light from their eye in the day time, as they are nocturnal super super bright lights or bright flashes can really effect their eyesight! (i made this image lighter so you could see the ‘eyelash’ sinking of the eye, basically my gecko having a good old 40 winks….kinda!)

Stay tuned for more from me and these guys, we just rescued another gecko from the site Preloved, so many animals un wanted and needing to go to a good home! i am so pleased my boyfriend loves these lil dino’s as much as i do, currently filling out his room and discussing about breeding and selling reptiles and then getting a shop in Copenhagen (we love the city, 1000 free bikes every year just on the road, yes please thank you please)


Dave <3


daveHeres another better picture of dave, standings day gecko and a care sheet of what he needs, he’s a fantastic day gecko and was a really great rescue, he’s settling in really well with a very healthy appetite and had his first shed with us which went really smoothly!

Interestingly however standings day geckos are more colourful when they are babies males and females, i thought this would be the other way around heres how the pattern changed throughout their lives and as they mature,


Baby Standings


Adolecent standings


Adult standings




Thought I would share a picture of what progression the tank has made whilst Iam sitting staring at it eating my pizza. looking the best i think in a long while, we fixed a few things ourselves and made some adjustments to the tank, plants and fish are much happier! We bought an aqua grow, glow beam from maidenhead aquatics led lights that replicate natural sunlight as if you think about it tanks aren’t supposed to be placed in the sun so therefore your fish, or whatever you have in order to thrive with little attention need good lighting!

Tanky, tank, tanks.


Cant wait to show these tanks so blogging this whilst i eat my dinner of ham and pineapple pizza. Adding these images and updating the blog about the tanks we have, is really useful for us to look back and keep a record of what we’ve changed and what problems we are experiencing.

Currently in the 70 litre:

-2 Dwarf puffers also known as pea puffer fish

-2 Khuli loaches, very cool they look like snakes or eels and are great bottom feeders/cleaners rather than filtering the substrate ourselves all the time. (its a special plant nutrient rich substrate disturbing it constantly reduces the amount of nutrients left in the substrate for the live plants)

-6 newly added rainbow fish, stunning little things! (pic to come next)

4 armano shrimp, our undeniably helpful clean up crew! they eat the algae off the plants keeping them clean and healthy and generally anything else in the tank they will scrap with their tiny claw like hands or pincers any algae into their mouths, its fascinating to watch!

On the right hand side is the smaller 20litre tank that we originally had the puffer fish in before purchasing the larger 70litre, we have slowly added fish into the 70litre with the Puffs, things are going well!

Our smaller tank currently with cuttings from live plants from our 70litre tank! growing well underneath the manta ray sun light (post to come of what it is bracketed with)
Currently home to Huff and three of the platy fry from my tank, the other platy have been passed on to friends, and respectable fish stores that we visit frequently and always go and check up on the guys we have handed over, we do miss them! we would rather let them go to a new home than suffer cramped in a small tank.