Tank Update


The fish have moved out and some small geckos have moved in, check out the home page for my photography of our new additions! and don’t forget to check my other site, uploading more images and offering my services and a Petographer (photographing peoples beloved pets!, it makes them happy, me happy and the animal gets lots of lovely attention) please check it out and keep an eye out as i shall be uploading more soon now that i am officially back at uni! http://morvenelizebethkynoch.wordpress.com


Newbie Aquascapist


Newbie Aquascapist

First aquarium after my dad got rid of his.A fluval spec V white very nice wanted a tank that doesn’t look like a ‘tank’. beautiful design and functions and works really well, was sceptical but technology has come a long way since my dad started fish keeping. Iam currently in the midst of a water change and cleaning. Before taking my fish to my boyfriends tank pictured below.

IMG_0591A super fish home 60L very nice simple tank but a lot bigger for my tropical fish to have a nice big home where we can watch them grow, and some Dwarf puffer fish for friends too (more on them later). we are trying to buy and then breed our own stock of fish, therefore more don’t have to be taken from the wild which in turn effects our ecosystems really badly. Plus we are really enjoying all the baby fish they are so cute!

heres a pick of one i managed to grab (my nikon is an all star all rounder turn it to anything and it grabs it for me)

baby fish

They are your (what some would say) ‘average’ Platy (a more exotic goldfish) but i believe anything that is alive should be respected on this planet, everything that is born has a purpose even if you think it is ‘stupid’ or irritating or pointless, its not, the point is you just haven’t found its purpose or understood it. My grandmother said to me nothing is born on this planet really truthfully wanting to die (not really, not ever)


^ if you want to know more about platy follow that link ^