Things are picking up!


My second client less than a month! things are certainly picking up for me professionally, photographically i feel meeting lots of new people and animals. I really prefer shooting on site, travelling to where the client is as the animal is more at peace and therefore achieve beautiful shots below, i am super pleased how they turned out and so thank full the rain held off!


So finally i have enough spare time to tear myself away from my busy schedule, i have a university deadline soon and two deadlines that have already just passed within the past two weeks! during which time i managed to travel to Virginia water on behalf of another freelance photography opportunity, for someone wanting professional images of their dog Joey for their dads birthday!

I had a great day and i think Joey did too, lots of treats and attention! This shoot has really helped me get out into the field of shooting on site, i really enjoyed it and got some mouthwatering shots of beautiful Weimaraner x Bullmastiff  Joey

joey portrait waterside 1     b&w waterfall portait 3

joey portrait 3 waterside       joey portrait 2 waterside

joey waterside 3

Thanks for a great shoot and day Joey and Lucie! i hope your dad enjoys the images, and has a lovely birthday! X

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First client


Its exciting when your work or skill as if where gets noticed by someone, and you can give them something that makes them and others happy, that is truly where i want to go with my photography. It want to give something back.

My first client Kirsty Moss who i met through my photography degree which she is also studying at the same university, has two beautiful and very well behaved cats, Rocky and Rosie who are brother and sister. It was a great afternoon of coffee drinking, chatting catching up with university work and having and look round Kirsty’s new cottage in alton which is beautiful!


With a view i just wanted to pick up and take home, so above is a picture i took of it instead, which fits in the car much easier.

Rocky and Rosie where very well behaved, and i got some great images,

Rock 2Rocky (above)

Rocky CuddlesRocky getting cuddles from Kirsty (above)

Rosie 1Rosie (above)

rosie 2Rosie Sitting by the door watching us drink our coffee (above)

I am also currently in the process of moving my Photography work from Flickr over to tumblr Take a look for more from me my brain and my camera, thank you, hope your having a good week!