Dave <3


daveHeres another better picture of dave, standings day gecko and a care sheet of what he needs, he’s a fantastic day gecko and was a really great rescue, he’s settling in really well with a very healthy appetite and had his first shed with us which went really smoothly!


Interestingly however standings day geckos are more colourful when they are babies males and females, i thought this would be the other way around heres how the pattern changed throughout their lives and as they mature,


Baby Standings


Adolecent standings


Adult standings


Tank update




Unfortunately the dwarf puffer fish we had all turned out to be males that hadn’t fully matured in their colours which resulted in a sudden pubescent eruption of whose boss, which turned nasty very quickly, plus reaching havoc on all the other tank mates that they had peacefully swum with before. Above is an image of two of the puffs, the one on the left is (if you can believe it, so tiny!) puffing up, or sizing up to the other puffer fish.

Needless to say we had to take the puffs back to Maidenhead and instead have been working on a few new additions! that’s the beauty of fish keeping you never know whats going to happen! even if your 100% sure read loads of books and asked loads of people, things still go wrong. However the picture below shows the absolute gems we picked up as a result,


(displaying male rainbow)

Because we have a good relationship with the members of staff at the Maidenhead aquatics; logo below, Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 14.29.15


they where happy to take the puffers back as they were bought at a young age so no way of really knowing, and traded us the beautiful orange and electric blue rainbow fish smaller cousin to the larger rainbow fish and the rice fish which is blue bodied with red fins, they are fantastic little characters reaching approx 5 to 7 cm in length perfect for nano aquariums or aquascapes, they don’t eat plant matter either so perfect for a fully planted tank!_DSC0549

The Goby was pretty relieved to have the puffs gone and now spends a lot more time out the front of the tank sitting on rocks in the current as she matures her top fin with turn yellow (you can see it turning slightly in the image) as she matures but will stay the size of a Lego figure! The other Goby turned out to be male and is now in my tank happy and safe as they weren’t quite a match just like the puff but i couldn’t bare to let such a gem of a fish return to the shop he now chills with my red whiptail catfish. _DSC0568

My boyfriend also bought some cherry shrimp! for the even smaller tank we have, these guys are like tiny chilies! if you love staring at things, then these are the dudes to get you in the zone plus they keep your plants so clean, i can understand why they are quickly becoming a huge part of fish keeping (just make sure you get the water quality out they are not as hardy as armano shrimp the common clear coloured ones you may have seen at the store)

i will upload more of what the tank looks like currently, we are however having a dispute as bout possibly going marine, saltwater, we love a challenge and growing corals really excites us, plus my boyfriend is obsessed with gobies, crustaceans and finding the smallest fish he can own.

Stay tuned to see what happens i will keep you informed and upload a present image of the tank, ideas would be welcome, we are still feeling the burn from not being able to keep the puffs 😦

Tanky, tank, tanks.


Cant wait to show these tanks so blogging this whilst i eat my dinner of ham and pineapple pizza. Adding these images and updating the blog about the tanks we have, is really useful for us to look back and keep a record of what we’ve changed and what problems we are experiencing.

Currently in the 70 litre:

-2 Dwarf puffers also known as pea puffer fish

-2 Khuli loaches, very cool they look like snakes or eels and are great bottom feeders/cleaners rather than filtering the substrate ourselves all the time. (its a special plant nutrient rich substrate disturbing it constantly reduces the amount of nutrients left in the substrate for the live plants)

-6 newly added rainbow fish, stunning little things! (pic to come next)

4 armano shrimp, our undeniably helpful clean up crew! they eat the algae off the plants keeping them clean and healthy and generally anything else in the tank they will scrap with their tiny claw like hands or pincers any algae into their mouths, its fascinating to watch!

On the right hand side is the smaller 20litre tank that we originally had the puffer fish in before purchasing the larger 70litre, we have slowly added fish into the 70litre with the Puffs, things are going well!

Our smaller tank currently with cuttings from live plants from our 70litre tank! growing well underneath the manta ray sun light (post to come of what it is bracketed with)
Currently home to Huff and three of the platy fry from my tank, the other platy have been passed on to friends, and respectable fish stores that we visit frequently and always go and check up on the guys we have handed over, we do miss them! we would rather let them go to a new home than suffer cramped in a small tank.

Update, So far….



The new dwarf puffer fen is settling in well! thank goodness! we had to remove Huff as it turns out they are both male, however some individual dwarf puffers, irrespective of gender can have very difficult personalities (they are incredibly intelligent) and ‘fin nipper’ attitudes can develop. We moved Huff because we have been watching intently on the tanks progress and unfortunately caught Huff a couple of times barrel rolling around the tank with Fen in his mouth, needless to say that is not what we want.

Fen is a more docile male, even though he is much bigger than Huff. Fen has also already been courting with Geeta our female puff as soon as he was introduced to the tank, whereas Huff would only show interest in Geeta to chase her off or nip at her body, he wouldn’t let either of them eat easily either so it was safe to say, a move was necessary! Now Huff is happily in a tank of his own, with a few platy, who he has never shown any quarrels with! ( he just doesn’t like other puffers it seems).

Now the tank seems to have calmed down a lot, the gobies are less frantic and the kuhli loaches we have are coming out from hiding at lot more, more pictures to come! just extremely tired and off out now for a longboard ride before dinner! hope you’ve had a good sunday!

Newbie Aquascapist


Newbie Aquascapist

First aquarium after my dad got rid of his.A fluval spec V white very nice wanted a tank that doesn’t look like a ‘tank’. beautiful design and functions and works really well, was sceptical but technology has come a long way since my dad started fish keeping. Iam currently in the midst of a water change and cleaning. Before taking my fish to my boyfriends tank pictured below.

IMG_0591A super fish home 60L very nice simple tank but a lot bigger for my tropical fish to have a nice big home where we can watch them grow, and some Dwarf puffer fish for friends too (more on them later). we are trying to buy and then breed our own stock of fish, therefore more don’t have to be taken from the wild which in turn effects our ecosystems really badly. Plus we are really enjoying all the baby fish they are so cute!

heres a pick of one i managed to grab (my nikon is an all star all rounder turn it to anything and it grabs it for me)

baby fish

They are your (what some would say) ‘average’ Platy (a more exotic goldfish) but i believe anything that is alive should be respected on this planet, everything that is born has a purpose even if you think it is ‘stupid’ or irritating or pointless, its not, the point is you just haven’t found its purpose or understood it. My grandmother said to me nothing is born on this planet really truthfully wanting to die (not really, not ever)


^ if you want to know more about platy follow that link ^