Tank Update


The fish have moved out and some small geckos have moved in, check out the home page for my photography of our new additions! and don’t forget to check my other site, uploading more images and offering my services and a Petographer (photographing peoples beloved pets!, it makes them happy, me happy and the animal gets lots of lovely attention) please check it out and keep an eye out as i shall be uploading more soon now that i am officially back at uni! http://morvenelizebethkynoch.wordpress.com




Never even knew this job existed, before a talk by an Archivist on site at the university i am currently studying for at UCA Farnham, in the uk.  I found it fascinating looking at all the past historical thoughts, notes and ideas that have been handled by the very people that have written them, that may indeed by no longer with us. (at times it can also be like being a detective organising and cataloging data, illustrations, photographs, etc) 

My first tasks have been really fun and i have found them really useful to practice my blogging skills and my photographic skills as a few things where allowed to be ‘updated’ by myself, such as the UCA Archive Blog which happens to be on wordpress! the title heading was allowed to be the one of the images i took on the day of updating the blog check it out here, http://ucaarchives.wordpress.com

i have a feeling the title header could be updated with an image with more colour? let me know what you think!