Dissertation Dun dah daaaa


It is finally here, 8,000 which aint so bad but alson still daunting i really want to nail this one but still haven’t seen my dissertation tutor is unfortunately now been taken seriously ill, which is very upsetting for all. I feel like i am swimming in soup with my ideas, there are quite a few, and i am digesting a lot of info about surrealism, as my dissertation topic is around the

Phycological generation of Surrealism within photography

Why am i looking at this?

Because i want to know why, i am always asking why, even if it frustrates the human being i am asking, sometimes even myself to a point of self combustion, i always have this gut feeling there is a reason for everything, and sometimes we are just unconsciously unaware of the real truths behind things, the way we treat one another the way we speak to one another etc. And perhaps we can evolve a little as a race if we just learned to listen to ourselves a little more, and not be afraid to be weird, surreal or individual.

I don’t believe anything was supported or born from something with an obvious reason, and no reward or therapy goes towards those pioneering the idea, in this case Andre Breton Within Surrealism, but maybe it does, maybe Breton unconciously created surrealism as a form of escape, maybe Max Ernest, Marcel Duchamp and Breton ran away from the Nazis, but saw and heard some terrible things, perhaps they were in shock, many say Dali was psychotic, crazy, weird, or mental, but was he hurting anyone? was he forcing his art down their throats? or had surrealists unawarinly learnt how to tap into this unconcious that so blindly controls mainstream society, like the parents awnser to a childs question of why, ‘with because i know best’ perhaps this ‘80%’ of claimed brain space we do not use or even know about, could be used, could be taught or known about, but is being suppressed by mainstream, dare i even say it communist visual messages and ideologies, keeping us all safe by putting a screen in front of our face, arguable even like a parent with a bored and irritated child, an actually holding evolution, and the human race as a whole back?

…..And i am back, my goodness look at these words that suddenly appeared! yey!! (this actually aint so bad after all) dissertation here i come….what was i worried about 😛


Action movies motivate….


Action movies motivate….

Yep I’ve finished my essay, after watching Robocop at the cinema with the boyfriend, which was good in terms of the explosions and bullet flying action, but some of the acting oh my goodness i should of taken some crackers because the cheese at some point was so thick, it made my head hurt and my tummy rumble. But overall good movie that actually motivated me into a furious rage of thoughts and Robocop attitude of taking down this mental wall blocking my thoughts. I imagined whilst driving us back home from the cinema that i just shot the wall, like Robocop and the wall exploded into sand, no sweat wall gone, flooding thoughts of contemporary experiences entered my head. So i made some tea, gathered my books, half 11, started tapping, 3,057 words, 3 hours later and i need to stop I’ve actually now gone over the word count, BUT i finished it! Phew…now i actually have to take out words…and specify my ramblings to a nice neat point and i am all done. I have these moments where i hyper focus usually late in the evening that can carry me well into the early hours of the next morning, i don’t mind however, i feel the adrenaline of getting something done and also being able to stay up late without your parents telling you off anymore, thats a good feeling too! ha!

So possible discovery here, is action movies motivate essays…possibly they certainly make massive holes in walls, however it helped me a lot it seems. Good old Robocop.