You know its that time of year again,



Happy fathers Day ❤


I tan like toast



Frensham lake in the sunshine and best heat of a British summers day, where it is finally okay to be outside in nothing but your swimwear (means even more to anyone who lives in a country where weather patterns control how much fun you have a year outside in your swimgear) Ha still glad i am out in this not in an office admiration to those that are on one of those sweltering days!

long awaited YEY!


Been truly a busy bee as summer starts and i officially have my email of conformation on my progression into my third and final year of my photography degree! (scary stuff) HALLELUJAH! plus side is i do not have to re-sit or retake any of my units, passed them all three B’s two C’s.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 19.22.48I am highly competitive and always like to do better, but since this degree is so damn hard and way more analytical than i have ever experienced in my 16 years of non stop full time education here on this tiny multicultural island, i am settling to just god damn passing this thing; passing and getting on with earning some money and my self pride back (society really doesn’t like students who are trying to better themselves rather than checkout girl isle three for the rest of my life) and getting myself out of my parents abode sharpish before i literally see them mentally age and breakdown, to the point my mother is asking me the same thing 20 times in the space of 10 minutes (i think this is a part of growing old? or do they want me to mentally breakdown with them?)

Anywho yeeyyyyyyyyyyy! I passsssedddddddd i have also quite a lot to load up in terms of images and what i have been doing and also more furry friends i have been spending time with and meeting along the way, keep tuned on both my pages as i update this, this eve, editing images as i type!

A world at night


A world at night

I love capturing night time when the moon lights the whole earth up like its daytime, it gives a beautiful effect when you develop this visual with film like i have done here, i am really happy with this first one done with just the natural light of the moon, it was so full that evening! this is from my bedroom window at 1 in the morning.

Busy bee



Just thought I’d post a quick pic of how i am spending my Monday! Cutting images to size with the mount board cutter, i do rather enjoy it all the foam bits at the end of cutting i usually take home and use for other things also love using the especially when they replace old blades with new ones! Pretty happy with how my works turned out, i think seven a3 images is enough to present at my final review this Friday! I certainly wont be short on things to talk about! Ill be uploading all my final pieces after the review onto my other blog or maybe before then if you’re lucky 😉 keep tuned in too see whats on those a3s!

Sunset rain



Really strange weather here tonight, sunset, hail and rain! Just had to capture the bizarre sky scene that came out of that, what’s the weather like where you are?