A world at night


A world at night

I love capturing night time when the moon lights the whole earth up like its daytime, it gives a beautiful effect when you develop this visual with film like i have done here, i am really happy with this first one done with just the natural light of the moon, it was so full that evening! this is from my bedroom window at 1 in the morning.


Fun afternoon


During my university i have met a lot of really interesting people, the person that has mostly stood out for me in terms of their sheer will power and ability to do this degree as a single mum of my age with two kids of 3 and 6 takes some guts and a big dose of believing in yourself, i have a lot of love, respect and time for this person.

We are always meeting for tea and coffee and chats, helping each other with university work and just generally supporting one another and it really has made a difference for both of our lives, hopefully life will play out that we can keep in contact, be good friends and i can watch her little girls grow up. (time-lapse photography opportunity me thinks as well!)

Here are some professional images of her three-year old, Olive whizzing around on her cupcake bike, keeping us both on our toes!

_DSC0237 _DSC0238 _DSC0244

These images where taken professionally by me and as a present for my friend and her kids! they love them and are getting a canvas printed! i really like on the scene shooting, a lifestyle photographer, i love capturing good memories, this was certainly one of them.